Stichting Chiropractie Nederland

Stichting Chiropractie Nederland

Anyone interested in working in The Netherlands as a chiropractor should contact the Chiropractic Registration Board for the Netherlands (CRBN). The following Registration Guidelines for Chiropractors in The Netherlands should give an idea of how our system of registration works.

In order to work in The Netherlands as a chiropractor recognised by the Registration Board (SCN), applicants must fulfil certain requirements, including having graduated from an accredited college, speaking the Dutch language, following our Graduate Education Programme (or part of it) and pass the GEP-exam.

Graduation/ Dutch language
One must show proof of graduation from a college accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education that is affiliated with the "Councils of Chiropractic Education International" (CCEI) or "Council on Chiropractic Education - US", or a diploma of an equivalent level, at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the SCN.
Until there is clarity about recognition by the CCE-LA with regard to chiropractic colleges in Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile and Mexico), the diploma of these chiropractic colleges will be considered. This is subject to the applicable rules at the time of registration application to the SCN. There may be a maximum of 6 months between the time of registration application and the time of registration. 

Before starting work, one must speak the Dutch language at the accepted level A2, according to the Common European Framework. The positive results should be demonstrated with a certificate for the Dutch language. This statement may not be older than 2 years. The positive results B2, should be demonstrated with a certificate for the Dutch language at least 2 months before participation in the first GEP-exam.

Graduate Education Programme
If the applicant has less than 2 years experience as a chiropractor, he must enter our entire European Chiropractors’ Union (ECU) recognised Graduate Education Programme. This programme of a year’s duration has been developed to allow the new graduate to polish and extend the skills learned at college, under supervision of a qualified and experienced practitioner. Outside of the direct chiropractic skills, one is exposed to practice procedures in the clinic, whilst the rest of the GEP is concerned with an orientation to the Dutch medical system, other medical professions, laws in this area, communicating with patients and other practitioners, etc.
If the applicant has more than 2 years experience as a chiropractor, he must enter a part of the Graduate Education Programme (1 day seminar, among other things, about Dutch legislation and 1 day seminar, among other things, about practical case studies).

The GEP programme and the GEP mentoring course are conducted by the professional association NCA. They are responsible for the quality ot the content and implementation of the GEP programme. More information about the GEP programme and the GEP regulations can be found on the NCA website:

On completion of the GEP, the GEP-exam must be taken. This exam is also for those who are not required to do the entire GEP, and is given at least twice a year.
After graduation one is accepted as a recognised chiropractor, and is listed in the register of the SCN.

For the yearly registration, one must also partake in a minimum number of hours of postgraduate education (continuing professional development). Currently 160 hours/CPD points in 5 year time.